Success in Global IT Business

Success in Global IT Business

About the Course

This unique program offers amazing insight into the processes of software development and introduces the latest trends in IT sector. Learn more about brand new trends in applications and Internet of Things. Learn through practical training how to create simple applications for mobile devices and the web, that will interact with select Things on the Internet. Create and present our own project. Learn from the best practice – the program presents interesting case studies of software development including computer games! Visit successful companies IBM, Microsoft and Unicorn Systems software company.



Participants get the Unicorn college certificate which increases their value on the European labour market.


Single courses will be organized as separated blocks every day from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The courses will take place in the center of Prague in modern spaces at the Unicorn College.

Each day will be dedicated to one of the following topics:

  1. Introduction to the study areas
  2. Introduction to web application development
  3. Web application developement
  4. Developement of mobile application
  5. Communication with the IoT and cloud
  1. Students´projects – project assignment and work
  2. Excursion in the Unicorn software company – presentation of case study
  3. Excursion in Microsoft – presentation of case study
  4. Excursion in IBM – presentation of case study
  5. Work on students´ projects
  6. Students´ projects – presentation and evaluation

About the University

UNICORN College is a reputable institution of higher education accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech republic. Unicorn College offers a high-quality education in the fields of information and communication technologies, economics and management. It focuses on the systematic education of specialists in accredited disciplines with the aim of maximizing graduates’ competitive edge in their career. A comprehensive education system both summarizes and provides a well-balanced range of knowledge, consisting of the standards of good industry practice, applied research, corporate approach, and partner cooperation with industry leaders.



  • Get certificate from successful software company Unicorn, cooperating with corporates such as Home Credit, Škoda Auto, Vodafone, T-Mobile, ING Bank, McDonald’s
  • Learn more about digital applications trends and Internet of Things
  • Learn through the practical training –create and present your own project
  • See in practice the development process of software
  • Spend time shadowing the top experts and managers


Special features

  • Case studies of renowned IT software companies.
  • Learning through best practice
  • Certificate for your future job



1st April 2016
1st April 2016
School fee
(including visa support)
669 EUR 769 EUR


Optional Service Price
  • Accommodation in fully equipped twin rooms
  • Transfer from airport
  • Insurance
  • 269 EUR
  • 49 EUR
  • 59 EUR
Optional Package „FUN“

  • Evening and weekend program
  • Excursions, museum, theater, sightseeing, weekend trips
  • Buddy system
329 EUR


1st March 2016
1st May 2016
1st May 2016
Cancellation fee FREE 200 EUR 500 EUR
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