Legalization of High School Certificate

If the Regional Authority ascertains, within the nostrification procedure, that the content and scope of education completed in a foreign school differs only partially or the applicant does not satisfy requirements provided for in paragraph 1 – 2  the Regional Authority shall order that the nostrification examination be sat for. The Regional Authority shall also reject the application if the applicant does not pass the nostrification examination.

Necessary documents:

  • a completed application
  • legalized and than officially translated Foreign Degree, Diploma or Certificate into the Czech language, made by a translator listed  on the Register of Certified Forensic Experts and Translators of the Czech Republic (or its officially certified copy)
  • legalized and than officially translated document with subjects and hours (content and scope of foreign education) for every particular year of study.
  • power of attorney (above all for underage applicant – younger than 18 years)
  • proof of payment for administrative charge
    the address in the Czech Republic (f.e. copy of the passport, rent treat…)

Note 1: Legalization is required in case that the Czech Republic is not bound by an international agreement.

Note 2: Prague City Hall is authorized locally only for the City of Prague. Applicant should have an address in Prague.


Term for Handling

After the fulfilment of all requirements the procedure lasts 30 – 60 days.

Phone: +420 739 332 569
Fax: +420 739 332 569
Prague, CZ
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