Students` comments

Yessica Riany, Indonesia

“Actually, I haven’t heard anything about Czech, never, and I just knew this from my senior who also studied here before, but after I came here, I think I made the right decision. Maybe it is not too intensive study and facility for the Erasmus but I got enough experience and the passion of the teacher to teach in English and to cooperate with international students… I am so happy I could represent my work and be recognised by other people not just Asian but also European. Thank you.”

Cahaya Lituhayu, Indonesia

 “Firstly, I’m here studying in Prague is total coincidence. But, it turns out to be one of the best experiences I have in my life. And then I get to know my school here in Prague and it was the best. I gets to learn from the expert, they lets us to be in their production’s rehearsals and they gives us their professional advices in our on going project and they makes me thinking in so many different ways. It was hard, it always is, I adapted and the thing is Prague makes me grow a lot and makes me become more open person.”

Ardhi Arsala Rahmani, Indonesia

“To start off, the experience I’ve had studying in Prague is simply amazing. Oh, btw. there’s winter here, how awesome is that. All in all, Prague is great, if you get the opportunity please do so study here I can assure you the experience will be pleasant.”


Hương Liên, Vietnam

“Study in Czech gave me plenty of opportunities to expand my mind. I had met with friends from many different countries and their cultures around the world. Living and studying in Czech have given me not only the knowledge but also experiences of new life. Today I graduated and thought of the way that I have gone, I feel extremely happy for choosing Czech as the first destination of my life.”

Harpreet Singh, India

 “I had a great learning experience teachers were always cooperative and always ready to help and as my personal experience I was practically learning more than theoretically as compared to my previous studies back home, I also learnt a lot of new things about different cultures of different countries because of the Erasmus system here in EU I met different people from around the globe it really made me a completely different person in my practical life, I can say it really helped me enrich my knowledge and cultivate my personality and also broaden my mind. I am delighted that I came here to study. Thank You.”

Imran Rashid, Pakistan

“Being a doctoral student I had have a chance of teaching students from different backgrounds and cultures. To me Czech students were very interesting as I always found them curious to know about the other nationals and their culture. They were friendly and easy going and have learning attitude. Generally speaking Czech people are helpful and cooperative.”

Anonymous student, Syria

“I have to say that studying in the Czech Republic is quite a rich experience for me. First, you get to study in some of the world’s top universities, with a wide variety of specializations and even with some programmes offered in English. Second, from what I noticed during my study, you get to meet with the very friendly Czech people and also you can enjoy a nice international atmosphere. Third, which is my favorite; you would be living in one of the most beautiful countries.”

Liudmila Saiovo, Angola

“My name is Liudmila Saiovo and I am from Angola. I have been studying in the Czech Republic for about six years. I would start describing it as one of the greatest experiences of my life because I couldn’t only spend there a very good time but after all the qualifications that I have acquired there are now very important for the career that I intend to build. Of course was not everything perfect, the beginning was quite difficult for me however all this was important for me to become who I am now.”

Jose Pina, Angola

“Ok, for me was amazing to get scholarship to the Czech Republic mainly because I had good studying conditions and competent teachers in general and the country i beautiful with rich culture and good people.”


Szandra Séllei, Hungary

“I did not regret to come here at all, I gained a lot of lifelong experiences and it opened my eyes to the world. The level of education is excellent and I have met so many different but great people. Everybody was very helpful from the beginning, so I only have good memories. All I can say is that coming here to study is a decision you won`t regret.”

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