Studying in the Czech Republic

Plechovka studentkaUniversities in the Czech Republic have long-lasting reputation, unique conception and interesting specializations. Quality university education and research particularly in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine belong to the fields with a long tradition in the Czech Republic.

Students can choose from different variations of study. From short visits to completing their degree in a wide range of established as well as new disciplines. The study can be formed into full-time, part-time or a combination of both. University education in the Czech Republic is provided on three levels – Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral study degree programmes.

Currently more than 39 000 foreign students study at Czech universities and their numbers are growing same as the offer of study programmes taught in foreign language. Participation of Czech higher education institutions in a wide range of international cooperation programmes is rising as well.

Nowadays quality assurance of all activities connected with higher education in the Czech Republic belongs to the main priorities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

Requirement for entering a Bachelor´s degree programme or a full Master´s degree programme is the completion of a full secondary general education or vocational education with a “maturitní zkouška” school-leaving examination. Students who want to study full-time should apply directly to the higher education institution of their choice. Students may apply for several study programmes at various institutions and faculties. The deadline for submitting applications is usually the end of February or March. At most higher education institutions the applicants take entrance examinations, which are usually held between June and September.

University education at public and state institutions is free of charge for citizens of all nationalities, when study in Czech language.

Private institutions of higher education require payment of tuition.

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