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Completed university application, confirmation of admission to study, arranged accommodation, bank confirmation, extract from the criminal record, in some cases medical certificate. The certificate of insurance is received after arrival.

Yes, EDUCAN provides assistance with all documents required for visa applications. We also supervise the correctness of all documents. Feel free to get in touch, should you have any questions.

Students obtain the Honorable certificate of attendance and performance reports from the EDUCAN language center. Students can also sign up for the ECL International European language exam. EDUCAN is the certified provider of this test.

Yes, EDUCAN offers preparation courses of the English language. Upon finishing this course, students are ready to enroll in European universities.

Students study a language from home for half a year and then arrive in Prague in January to attend a regular daily course. This program is highly effective as it enables the student to minimize the insurance, accommodation and overall expenses.

Yes, the Skype courses are a perfect solution for beginner language students. Students can take private or group Skype lessons. This form of study is very efficient and fast.

The Validation or Recognition of foreign studies is a document confirming a finished primary or secondary education at a foreign school. Every university applicant must present such document.

Yes, we offer preparation courses for subjects that are required for passing the entering exams or validation tests.

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